Sites of the Week #9

June 24th, 2011 by Tony de Jesus

In the collection of sites of this week, I have some html5 related websites (please, be sure that you are using a html5 capable web browser, like Google Chrome or Safari). All of them are great websites, but my preferred one is Ben the Bodyguard because of its original style, good design and navigation.


Ben the Bodyguard

Screenshot of Ben the bodyguard's website

Ben the Bodyguard is an application for iPhone® and iPod touch® that will become your personal guardian for all your most sensitive and secret data. Ben is able to protect passwords, contacts, text, reminders, photos and videos. I don’t know if all these features are true, but the website is simply amazing. It’s an interactive site styled like a graphic novel. As we scrolling down on the webpage, a mysterious Frenchman named Ben walks along a dark street, musing about security in an unsafe world. “I am not here to judge. I am here to protect. Photos, videos, whatever”.


HTML5 Canvas Animation

Screenshot of Canvas Animation demo using HTML5

A simple and funny HTML5 cartoon that helps you to understand what HTML5′s canvas element can do.


HTML5 Canvas and Audio Experiment

Screenshot of HTML5 Canvas and Audio Experiment

A comfortable and fantastic animation created with HTML5′s canvas and audio tag.


JavaScript Fireworks – A Chrome Experiment

Screenshot of JavaScript Fireworks – A Chrome Experiment

Enjoy the fireworks moment with your preferred gravity and speed, powered by HTML5 and Javascript.


Alfa Romeo 159 – Vivez l’expérience 159

Screenshot of Alfa Romeo 159

Description? Simply “Vivez l’expérience 159”.

Did you find a really amazing website showing a new concept, an original design or a brand new feature? Are you the owner of a website that offers new solutions? Send me the URL via email  (blogattonyjesusdotcom)   or Twitter and tell me why you think it should be posted here.



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