About Me

Who am I?

My name is Tony de Jesus. I’m a 25 year old Software Engineer living in Madeira, Portugal. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I lived there for 17 years and attended both Primary and Secondary School there. I earned my Computer Science degree at Madeira’s University in 2007.

I’m not a website designer: I implement all required logic (using standards) to make websites work.


Which programming languages do I use?

Most of the time I’m using PHP, SQL, XHTML, CSS and Javascript (mainly MooTools and a little bit of JQuery). I’ve also developed applications using Java, C, C++, JSP and Prolog.


What kind of projects have I been involved in?

From small websites to complex databases. I’ve used Joomla! in a lot of projects to allow customers to change content easily. I’ve developed some extensions (components, modules and plugins).


Do I have facebook, twitter and that kind of stuff?

Who doesn’t? You can send me a friend request or follow me.