Sites of the Week #6

June 3rd, 2011 by Tony de Jesus

For the list of this week, I chose an online free video editor called JayCut, an application for iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to write your diary, a web designer’s portfolio, a mail client called Postbox and finally a nice website with some facts about web browsers and the web. Enjoy!


Screenshot of JayCut website

The name of this website is a combination of DJ and the act of cutting video. It allows you to edit videos online using an interface very similar to the current most sophisticated video editors. You can upload, edit import and export video content, all for free!



Screenshot of MomentoApp Website

Momento is an application for iPhone and iPod touch. With Momento in your pocket you can write your diary ‘on the go’, capturing moments whenever you find the time. A beautiful interface coupled with powerful tagging, makes it quick and easy to write about your day and browse moments from your past. Its website contains a wooden background (that reminds me about something…), a very nice typography and a good color combination.



Screenshot of CSSLayout website

This is the online portfolio of Winnie, a web-designer from Edmonton, Canada. The predominant color is a strong blue that fixes very well into the background image.


Postbox 2

Screenshot of Postbox website

Postbox 2 is first class email software that puts you in the driver’s seat. Stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react. This website has one of the best designs I’ve seen and I have to admit that I loved the postbox image in the main page.


20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Screenshot of

How does the World Wide Web work? What is a browser? And what happens if a truck runs over your laptop? Google answers these and other questions with 20 Things I Learned, a Web application that resembles a children’s book. The entire project is written in HTML5. Elegant animations and graceful transitions between pages give the application a booklike feel.

Did you find a really amazing website showing a new concept, an original design or a brand new feature? Are you the owner of a website that offers new solutions? Send me the URL via email  (blogattonyjesusdotcom)   or Twitter and tell me why you think it should be posted here.



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