Using google to find free .pdf, .mp3, .avi and other files

April 24th, 2011 by Tony de Jesus

Google logo with itunes logo instead of o lettersWhile surfing the web, you’ve probably found some websites that allow directory listing, i.e. that display a set of files contained in a specific folder of the server.
In most cases, these files are not only .html files. I’ve already found many websites displaying images, .pdf files, .mp3 files and even video files. Here, you can find a way to use Google to get only these type of websites in your results.
Now imagine that you are searching for eBooks (in pdf format of course). To retrieve only these types of websites in your search results simply go to Google and type:

intitle:index.of +?last modified? +?parent directory? +pdf -htm -html -php -asp

If you are looking for a specific book, just add the name after the file format:

intitle:index.of +?last modified? +?parent directory? +pdf "lord of the rings" -htm -html -php -asp

To find music, you can type:

intitle:index.of +?last modified? +?parent directory? +(mp3|wma|ogg) -htm -html -php -asp

To narrow the search for a specific artist:

intitle:index.of +?last modified? +?parent directory? +(mp3|wma|ogg) metallica -htm -html -php -asp

I hope this post doesn’t become a tool for piracy. That is not my intention. I just want to share a way to use Google and its advanced search features in order to perform a more specific search.




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