Sites of the Week #20

September 9th, 2011 by Tony de Jesus

This week my collection of websites contains portfolios from Alex Buga, Loïc “Kiluka” Dupasquier and Tim Potter. It also contains a website that sells vector resources, very useful for designers; and Team Viget, a web design company.


Alex Buga’s Livingroom

Screenshot of Alex Buga's Livingroom

Alex Buga is a designer from Bucharest, Romania. In his “livingroom” we can find things like his guitar, his digital camera and his Maschine device.



Screenshot of Kiluka

Loïc “Kiluka” Dupasquier is a 20 years-old Swiss designer specialized in web. The stunning quality of his works has been recently reward by a prestigious FWA.


Team Viget

Screenshot of Team Viget

Team Viget is a team of nearly 50 passionate, talented, dedicated folks who love working together and with our clients to plan, design, build, and market web sites and digital products we’re all proud of.


Portfolio of Tim Potter

Screenshot of the Portfolio of Tim Potter

Tim Potter is a developer from Belfast UK who specialises in clean, standards compliant websites with a focus on simplicity, usability & accessibility. His website uses soft colors and a very nice design.


Vector Mill

Screenshot of Vector Mill

Vector mill is a website that provides vector resources. These elements are perfect for all intermediate and expert Illustrator users to create logos, illustrations and web designs.

Did you find a really amazing website showing a new concept, an original design or a brand new feature? Are you the owner of a website that offers new solutions? Send me the URL via email  (blogattonyjesusdotcom)   or Twitter and tell me why you think it should be posted here.



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