Sites of the Week #13

July 22nd, 2011 by Tony de Jesus

This week, my collection of websites contains an excellent example of the use of WebGL (I advise you to use Google Chrome to check it out). It also contains some personal/company portfolios.

Google Body

Screenshot of

Google Body is a WebGL application that lets you explore a high resolution, interactive 3D model of the human anatomy, from the skin down to the nervous system. WebGL is a software library that allows Javascript to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser.



Screenshot of

efingo is a single-page portfolio with a modern design. It features a very easy navigation system (by using the menu, or, of course, scrolling up/down the page).



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Zeitgeistbot is a gallery of artistic exploration, experimentation and research into social media art, folksonomy art, interactive motion tracking art, and cell phone art. Its purpose is to explore ways of translating data into interactive art pieces. The website’s navigation is very original, performing some kind of “transitions” each time you click on a menu item.


II Congreso Internacional de Autismo en Murcia

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This is a flash-based website of the II International Autism Conference at Murcia, Spain. It contains an English link on the homepage that, unfortunately, doesn’t work. However, in the Spanish version, we can see that it has a very nice way of jumping to each section of the website.


Kisko Labs

Screenshot of

Kisko Labs is a Finland-based web design company. They have a great website which is similar to others presented today but with a very important detail: the menu is fixed at the top of the page, allowing you to navigate wherever you want to go without losing the possibility of using the menu again. Nice work!

Did you find a really amazing website showing a new concept, an original design or a brand new feature? Are you the owner of a website that offers new solutions? Send me the URL via email  (blogattonyjesusdotcom)   or Twitter and tell me why you think it should be posted here.



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  1. I like the first one, very useful and opens a new perspective of learning on web.
    The last site i like because of the design, simple, clear and well looking! :)


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